A downloadable game for Linux


You play as a robot, who was recently expelled from the clouds, and now tries to survive out in the wild, homeless. Let's see where this journey will take you! (Or something)


The image(kernel+ramdisk) was build using Buildroot. It features a recent kernel, and most importantly, the dependencies for the game. The default root password is 12345678, and on the second TTY or the first serial device you can login, and enjoy your tiny Linux.  A high CPU usage is normal, there is no FPS limitation(and no hardware acceleration).

Yes, the download size is correct. That's 14M for a complete Linux distribution, including my game, and the required libraries. No content is downloaded etc.

This is my first game jam ever! (And first real game I've programmed ever, and also the first engine I've programmed ever :P.)

Control using arrow keys, space, and f.

All assets etc. in this game were made by me. The game(including the assets) is released under MIT license. The Linux kernel is released under the GPL license.


At the end of theLinux Game Jam  deadline, the game does not have enemies, or a story line. It's basically an engine demo :(

If that disqualifies my, that's fine, I'm doing this for the fun of it! :P

However, I have added enemies, and some polish to the game afterwards.


Releases, launcher script: https://github.com/max1220/lgj2019 (Might be more recent)

Engine, game: https://github.com/max1220/engine

Extra Videos(Some might be slightly outdated)






Have fun!

Install instructions

You need to have qemu-system-x86_64 available to run the demo. You should be able to install QEMU via your distributions package manager.

Or, you know, clone the repo from Github, install the dependencies, edit the config for SDL2 output, different resolution, scaling etc. 

(This might change in the future, with a release that features all dependencies in one folder, ready to launch outside of a VM with only luajit as a prerequisite)


lgj2019.tar 15 MB

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